Author: Frinox

Shrinking continuous tunnel

Túnel de encolhimento contínuo desenvolvido para receber caixas de produtos envelopados com filme apropriado para encolhimento. Aquecimento da câmara de encolhimento através de banco de resistências elétricas.

Double packer for giblets

A whole structure made with stainless steel, with conductive cups injected in UHMW, this equipment was built with the purpose of providing packaging of many products until 1 kilogram(2.20lbs),in varied speeds. This equipment makes the separation between giblets and paws into the same pack. For further information, please contact: +55…

Vertical continuous sealer-manual

Equipment designed for sealing plastic packages, in a continuous and manual way. It has a system by conveyor or just packages transportation. Independent temperature control, has height setting by redution boxes. For further information, please contact +55 (49) 3321 9800 #EquipamentosIndustriais #Frinox #Chapecó #Indústria #Indústria