A system designed for internal cleaning of fresh product transport pipelines such as vacuum transport pipelines or innards transport pipelines.
The system can be installed in new transportation systems, as well as coupled in earlier existing systems.
The cleaning happen by the water circulation designed for this purpose, with temperature and calculated speed.
The water temperature control, as well as the preparation with dosage of detergent percentages and sanitizers solutions happen automatically in stainless steel tanks equipped with electronic flow meters, automatic dosers, ball valves pneumatically actuated, electronic level controls, and steam injection valves.
The dosage percentage control, amount water for step, step quantity, temperatures, among other settings, that are controlled by CLP and fits the IHM.
The water displacement until the colect point is done by a sanitary motor pump. The displacement of water from pipe cleaning is done by a vacuum pump from de vacuum system existent, or by a vacuum valves group and a funnel(cyclone) reception tank for innards pipelines.

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